Prop 60: In Conclusion

Brevity is the soul of wit for the TL;DR crowd. 

Michael Weinstein has two ballot measures this election year:  Proposition 60 and Proposition 61. They are equally preposterous. The State analysts described the measures as, “potentially reduc[ing] state and local tax revenue of millions or tens of millions of dollars per year,” and, “[possibly] result[ing] in a substantial net change in state or local finances.”

Proposition 60 is so asinine, both the Democratic and Republican parties voted to oppose the initiative. In an election year! Even Senator Mark Leno took the time to weigh in against it. There’s a lot of familiar fear-mongering and bad science. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation supported the initiative, for obvious reasons. Other HIV/AIDS foundations stood against them. Honestly, there was no outside support; people are not terribly fond of Weinstein’s habits. But who can destroy a man’s ego? Weinstein refused to pull either initiative. Now they’re on the ballot. The people will vote.

I’ve stated many times that we shouldn’t focus on the condoms-in-porn aspect. Cal-OSHA regulations currently state we are required to use condoms in porn. Both the Free Speech Coalition and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation have submitted petitions for OSHA’s consideration. Performers have demanded their voices be heard when drafting regulations that concern them. This measure would make that impossible. The issue is not an avoidance of regulation. The issue is avoidance of harassment.

If you aren’t just looking to be told how to vote and why, I wrote an analysis of the entire proposal. But if you want it short and sweet, this measure is full of power plays that include: monetary incentive for frivolous lawsuits (in which the burden of proof is placed on the defendant); circumventing legal rulings; overriding OSHA regulations; forcing the State to pay to defend the measure (if it passes), which creates a conflict of interest in the State defending itself against the measure; and giving Michael Weinstein a seat essentially opposing the Attorney General if the State does not defend the measure- a position he can only be removed from by majority vote from the Legislature, under “good cause.” This is unprecedented.

If this measure passes, it will give Michael Weinstein all of the power he could possibly imagine to harass adult film workers out of the State of California- and that is a very clear purpose.

OPPOSE PROPOSITION 60. Send a message to Michael Weinstein that the money he throws away fighting people he disagrees with would be better spent joining in the fight against HIV/AIDS– or simply fighting stigmas instead of creating new ones. Send a message that Californians will not allow this behaviour; that we see through the intentions of those who plough through the lives of minority groups just to build their own roads. Raise your voices against predators who lobby for power at the expense of those they see as vulnerable.

Please don’t be manipulated this November. Don’t support harassment. Vote no.

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